Course Content Introduction of Trusted Computing Technologies

Trusted Computing Research Group, Computer School, Wuhan University


1. Survey of Information Security

  1. The rapid development of information technologies and industries, and the threats of information security
  2. The technogical causes of information security
  3. The research directories and contents of information security

2. Survey of Trusted Computing

  1. The definition of trusted computing
  2. The development history of trusted computing
  3. The main technologies of trusted computing
    • The root of trust
    • The model of trust measurement
    • Trusted Software Stack
    • Trusted Computing Platform
    • Platform Remote Attestation
    • Trusted Network Connection

3. Basic Theories of trusted Computing

  1. The attributes of trust
  2. Trust management
  3. Cryptography
    • Symmetric cryptography
    • Asymmetric cryptography
    • Hash function
    • Key management

4. Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

  1. The architecture of TCG’s TPM
  2. The cryptography configuration and key management of TCG’s TPM
  3. The development of TCG TPM from version 1.2 to 2.0
  4. Chinese Embedded Security Module (ESM)
  5. Chinese Trusted Platform Control Module (TPCM)

5. Model and Technologies of Trust Measurement

  1. The technology of TCG trust chain
  2. The star trust architecture with the function of data recovery
  3. The technology of multiple measuring

6. Trusted Software Stack (TSS)

  1. The concept of trusted software stack
  2. The architecture of TCG trusted software stack
  3. The implementation and application of trusted software stack

7. Trusted Computing Platform (TCP)

  1. The trusted boot technology of computing platform
  2. Chinese trusted personal computer
  3. Chinese trusted Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

8. Trusted Network Connection (TNC)

  1. Platform Remote Attestation
  2. The definition of trusted network connection
  3. The architecture analysis of TCG TNC
  4. The architecture of Chinese trusted network connection (TCA)

9. Technologies of Trusted Software

  1. The definition of trusted software
  2. The measurement and attestation of software data integrity
  3. The measurement and attestation of software dynamic trust

10. Application of Trusted Computing Technologies

  1. The Digital Rights Management (DRM) based on trusted computing
  2. Enhancing the security of cloud computing infrastructures based on trusted computing


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